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Old Time Radio USA's Annual "Thanksgiving Celebration"

The longstanding tradition when it was just a seasonal station, Old Time Radio USA returned every Thanksgiving eve night and kicked off their seasonal return with the "Thanksgiving Celebration" marathon of old time radio Thanksgiving episodes. This year will be no different! Kicking off it's annual tradition will be Wednesday November 27th at 6pm ET with "Miracle on 34th Street" from the Lux Radio Theatre.  Old Time Radio USA is having dig deep into the "vaults" of radio shows to grab otr's greatest Thanksgiving shows. Some of which the audio quality did not stand the test of time. So my my hope is that you, the listener, will overlook some of the sound degradation and enjoy the original shows as they were originally intended! Celebrate your Thanksgiving with Old Time Radio USA starting at 6pm ET Wednesday November 27th!

Superman "superfest"

Old Time Radio USA will continue in its Thanksgiving tradition to feature the SUPERMAN SUPERFEST, a special presentation from WON The Apple! This has become part of Old Time Radio USA's annual Thanksgiving Celebration tradition! The SUPERMAN SUPERFEST will be 12 hours of The Man of Steel from the golden age of radio. This year's SUPERFEST will focus on episodes that aired in late 1945 to early 1946 and Batman and Robin make their first appearance on radio during this time and are featured in all the episodes the SUPERFEST is showcasing this year. Make the SUPERMAN SUPERFEST part of your annual Thanksgiving tradition!