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OTRUSA Radio Network welcomes a BRAND NEW STATION under its umbrella, "Crime Time Radio USA"! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of all your favorite crime, detective and espionage drama all on one station.


WJSV - A Day in radio history

Join Old Time Radio USA for an exclusive trip down memory lane! On September 21st 1939, the entire day, from sign on to sign off, was recorded on 38 16" discs. You'll hear everything from this day including music, sports, political speeches, news, radio shows from the day (some never heard of before). 


This fully archived day of old time radio will begin at 5:58am ET and will be streamed in chronological order. Of course I will try to stay in sync with the original time of broadcast but unfortunately due to station IDs and other inserts, it'll be close to original broadcast time as possible. But you will NOT want to miss this historical broadcast day brought to you by Old Time Radio USA and the OTR USA Radio Network